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Ranked number one in New England for safety and customer service, we have been around for over 20 years.Also included in the price listing are our popular non-licensed skydiving activities at each location in case your family and friends would like to have an adventure. Payments. We accept payment in cash (UAE Dirhams only), debit cards.

USPA also represents nearly 300 skydiving clubs and businesses nationwide that offer skydiving and skydiving instruction.Our tandem skydiving prices are a reflection of the quality of service we provide our guests.

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So how much does skydiving cost if you are doing a tandem jump.Skydiving is a highly addictive sport which has been known to cause loss of money, wuffo friends, and all of your free time.

All of our Tandem Skydive Students are accompanied by a Highly Experienced and Certified Tandem Master Instructor.The tandem skydiving package at both locations includes photos and a professionally edited video of the skydive.

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GoJump was born in Oceanside California with the over riding ambition to give the safest Skydiving experiences in the most wonderful location.We aim to offer our students the most competitive PA skydiving prices with no hidden fees attached.

Although Dubai is an impressive sight from the ground, flying high above takes things to new heights.The former will usually get you up to 10,000ft and the latter will usually get you a jump from 18,000ft.

On a tandem jump, we add up the total weight of the passenger, the gear, the Tandem Instructor to make sure we are not outside the limits of the equipment.

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Since its inception in 1946, USPA has worked to promote, grow, and develop the sport, with skydiving safety as one of its most critical missions.

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Unlike standard wind tunnels which have test sections that are oriented horizontally, as experienced in level flight, a vertical orientation enables gravity to be countered by drag instead of lift, as experienced in an aircraft spin or by a skydiver at terminal velocity.

Experience a breathtaking free-fall through the skies of Dubai at the iconic Palm Jumeirah or over the Arabian desert.

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Tandem Skydiving is popular among first time jumpers looking to experience the thrill of skydiving.

The competitive pricing we provide is just one way that we ensure you have the best experience possible.A Tandem Skydive involves a student skydiver harnessed to a Tandem Instructor.Though the actual skydive itself lasts around five minutes, the overall experience is much longer.

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However, the cost of skydiving training is what is most expensive when trying to become certified.

Skydive Baltimore is the only skydiving center in Delaware, Maryland and Northern Virginia with a custom built skydiving facility.The skydiving license price varies across all states and across all skydiving companies due to several cost drivers.The glorious year-round sunshine in Dubai makes skydiving the perfect activity to.If you are looking to save money on the cost of skydiving certification you.A large part of the skydiving experience is, of course, the airplane ride up to altitude.

Like any outdoor activity, skydiving is weather dependent, and poor weather conditions can cause delays.

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A tandem jump allows you to experience the incredible thrill of skydiving without having to undertake the significant time and financial commitment required to become a solo, licensed skydiver.As one of the largest wind tunnels in the world, we routinely host guests from all over the country.

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